Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Welcome. If there's another place on the Internet that has only sports book reviews to this degree, I haven't found it. So thank you for your visit.

I've been writing these reviews for several years. Feel free to look around here and post a comment.

Also, for other viewpoints, click on the link that says "Learn more about this book" to go to You can even order the book at the usual big discounts.

I save reviews for five years from publication. In other words, any review of a book published from 2024 to 2029 will be here until the end of 2029. Then it is sent off to That means if I review a 2019 book in June 2024, it will only be here until Jan. 2025. 

Have you written a sports book (or published one) that you'd like to see reviewed here? I'm willing to take a look at your book, at the least. Drop me a note first at my email address. I can read printed copies or Kindle versions. The catch is that I am a one-man operation, and I am only going to read books that sound interesting to me. In other words, your chances of getting read are pretty good if it covers the same subject as the ones listed here.

I tend to like the books reviewed here, because I am picking them out for my own entertainment. But you will get an honest review. Some people can't handle that - like the guy who tracked me down to my boss at work (who had nothing to do with it) to complain. I don't need that sort of aggravation. 

Questions? Leave a comment. And thanks again for the visit.